Fanmood is a place where folks can continuously engage about the things they care about. Social tools are coming but at present, it's best thought of as an experience logging tool.

Fanmood is a living rating system, designed to change with those who command it. When you change your mind or add new thoughts, it's added to your history. You will soon be able to explore your history in greater detail through your dashboard. There’s no wrong way to fanmood.

Yes. We're also accepting Business early adopters for SaaS or one-time priced solutions. Contact us for a consultation.

Fanmood is unique because it maintains your fandom state across various interests & experiences. It learns your fan type and reflects something about your relationship with the things you care about.

This is a measurement of your relationship with a specific item or topic. You could be an "obsessed promoter" for one interest, or a "casual hater" for another.


New categories are on the way. Eventually, Fanmood will be a network of items. Please let us know what else you would like to see.

Not yet, but it is on the roadmap.